Sunday, February 17, 2013

Snow!! and cookies, and cocoa

So, yesterday we were in for a bit of snow.
The snow did not start falling until almost dark.
I had been sort of sulking all afternoon!!--Man! talk about a waste of time!
I can't stand it when I start to feel sulky!!

So, when it began to snow I sent V-man outside to play.
He went out looking for the neighbor and when he could not find the
neighbor I could see out the window that his little face just fell. ;(.
Andy and Elena are gone.  They went skiing with the youth group from
So There was V-man with no one to play with.

Well, the snow always makes me want to go out and play!!
I knew I would play, but I just did not know how fast I would get it
in gear, get my snow play clothes on and get out there.
Nothing like a sulking look on my V-man's face to get me moving.
I threw my clothes on, and got out there.
I also called my neighbor and asked her to send hers out to play. :)

After we played and played --for about an hour or so, we came in for
hot chocolate and warm cookies!!
The afternoon turned from sulky to sweet in the blink of an eye!!
I figure over my lifetime, I should never waste a chance to get excited and play in the snow.


Anonymous said...

How fun! Victor is so cute!

Bethany said...

Good job sweet mama! Happy faces = happy house. Jealous of snow! All we got was very cold weather...