Sunday, March 10, 2013

a new {like}?

As we speak --or read? or type?  I am watching a new reality show on T!C.
Myrt1e3 Manor.
When I have seen the preview of this show while I run on the treadmill, I have been very excited because I have thought... This is the reality show that expresses my live in a cool trailer/camper park full of friends and have a cute little trailer at the beach etc.
We will see.
I missed the premier episode last week.  SO--here I am, watching the first one.
Have you seen this preview?  What did you think?
Now, you have to remember cable is new to me all over again after a four year hiatus.
Some of the anthropological studies that I have enjoyed are now annoying to me, and some
I find completely appalling--and non-watchable.
The ones on Wed. night--hoarding and odd addictions???
Can't watch it!
Seeing the utter exploitation of the mental illness of society's most vulnerable--I can't watch it.
But--Myt!e M2an0r???
The jury is still out..
I will keep you updated. ;)

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Bethany said...

Whoa, I have been busy! Was shocked to see 4 Ay que vida posts! Fun - tooth fairy happenings, cool! Zoo - always a treat! I laugh every time you call them "anthropological studies" - haven't seen myrtle manor, will look & see what it is!