Monday, May 20, 2013

Thank you E.B. White!

Elena's teacher has hosted several reading groups during the second half of this year and she was been {so excited} to take part in reading the special books and writing about the different chapters.
This last one has been Charlotte's Web.
I must say that having her read this book has been an emotional journey for me.
{Isn't everything???} LOL.
We used to read that book in third grade, but with the way they RUSH everything these days some kids read it in second grade I suppose.
At some point I posted all about emotions and that movie.
The book, though--such a rite of passage that one is!
It is the first one that I read and I really just LOVED IT!
It was the first chapter book that I remember reading and just being swept away
to the farms and the fair and hanging out with a {spider}.

What a wonderful contribution to sweet things Mr. EB White made back in 1952! I wonder if he had any idea what he was doing as he wrote that story about a little girl and a pig, and a spider.
I just wonder....
I wonder how many little girls with stringy hair and giant grins with giant gangly teeth, who love to giggle and play outside with the water hose and jump on trampolines have spent quiet time enjoying this wonderful story?
The other picture is of Minnie--she has been put back together, {sort of}.
This happens to be one of Eva's most prized possessions, by the way.
It looks very cool this way, however, so I am not sure it will get glued back --ever??

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Bethany said...

Oh...I am loving re-reading all my childhood faves too! The girls & I just read the first Pippi book - I just oohed and ahhed over it, reminiscing! Charlotte's Web... I think I still have my copy... sweet memories ;-)