Wednesday, May 8, 2013

On holiday confusion

In the Spring and in the Fall we have Turkey season. My dad hunts Turkeys--and he LOVES TO KILL ONE!! They are smart and have to really track them down, and trick them, and call them over to you.
Andy and Victor have gone with him a couple times.
This afternoon--he finally shot one!
So we all went over to check it out.

Then we came home--seven o'clock--and made teacher appreciation bags.
We were writing, "thank you" on a tag for each bag.

Eva let me know that we were doing all this b/c it was Thanksgiving!
You know I was reading her mind, and I thought..hmmm...
Killing Turkeys..
Giving Thanks...

I see where she was coming from.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! LOL

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Anonymous said...

that's so cute :)