Saturday, May 4, 2013

a Nor easter...

Supposedly it  officially Spring.  We have not, however, had that consistent Spring weather that my mood so desperately seeks!
EEk People!
This post really wants to write itself in italics.  That button just pushes itself.
So, it is just cool and windy here.
Maybe that is Spring...
Here in our little corner of the world, surrounded by water and swamp, when the North East Wind is cold-
Forget Mr. Jet Stream coming in from the west...who cares about that when the wind begins to churn from the North East?
The air is not actually that cool, but add in the wind?
Throw on your jeans and a sweatshirt.
Sandals and shorts are not happenin around here!

Here is what has been happening:
Picking strawberries, the photos of which are only in my memory storage.
Great berries!
Yummy recipes we made today
and more berries waiting...
they tempt us
and Spring is coming.

To Morgan:
I want more Disney updates,
2.  The fence:  I have heard from everyone that it works.
However, we have not set it up yet b/c neither Andy nor I want to do it.
We are really not in the mood and Prissy is still on the mend...I will keep you posted!
(Oh! I made a pun, and it was not intended, but I have noticed it.)
3.  I want to actually talk to you on the phone, or see you one day!
The Spring NCSHLA convention was AWEsome!  Next year you have to come.

Okay world.... have a great Saturday night!
We are having a cozy one here, as it is very cool and breezy out.

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