Friday, June 21, 2013

Birthday Love (35)

 On this day in 1978 I was born at 2:00 AM!
Thirty five, yep, that is my age as of today.
My gifts... some dinero.
A bike--which I will use at the beach next week to make treks on the middle road with my kids.
(Who am I kidding--I have already been tearing it up in the driveway!). :)
I am also the proud recipient of this fish..see it down there?
It was made from one man's trash...there is a cool store at the beach with a guy who makes cool stuff out of junque.  So fun!  My mama got this for me.   The funniest part of any birthday are the cards, and the cards my Mama and my sister got for me did not end up at my house, I think...???
They were hilarious!
Now I am off to have dessert before dinner at the Mexican Rest.
My Spanish class and I are going to go there to wrap up our time together and order all in Spanish!  We are gong to have Fried Ice Cream only, I think.  Then I will come home to grilled fish. LOL.


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Bethany said...

35...ah, it was a good year... :) I have serious {bike envy} now! I have been wanting one, but for no good reason. I mean, we can't transport all of our family bikes anywhere! That is a cool fish, too... I like those shops with fun, wacky stuff. Have a great week!