Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Garden (yard) pictures Summer 2013

Andy and I decided to prune the gigantic fig bushes back several winters ago and now they are very happy.  Let's hope the birds and wasps do not get them all this summer.
 So the blogger is getting all kooky now and I cannot find the cursor.  Down below I was discussing that I cannot edit my pictures so vertical fotos are putting themselves up here sideways.
The very last pictures are of a Hibiscus plant that I bought on clearance at Lowe's last summer.  It sat beside the house all winter.  The man told me that if it were even slightly sheltered it would come back.  They can withstand our winters, I think--if they are in pots--and if they are insulated a bit.  So here it is!  Happy as a clam!  The Hibiscus flower is at the very bottom.  Behind that you can see the asparagus, which I will be able to eat in two more years.  --it makes a pretty garden plant until then! :)
 This is a new basil plant.  The mama basil that re-seeded every year for three or four years finally died out and we got a new one.  It is very happy there among the weeds.
 This {pitiful} tomato plant was bought at the grocery store in a  ready-made patio pot.  It made two very healthy looking tomatoes and then it did that.  (see above).  I decided that it might need more space so I re-planted it.  This is really an experiment and nothing more.  There is just a teensy glimmer of hope that it is happy enough to come back from this state.
 Here is another vertically oriented photo that is on the blog, but should be turned.  I do wish I could eid

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