Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Re-cap

 I received some handy-dandy costa del mar sunglasses from my hubby. :)  This is such a stretch for him...going to buy name brand sunglasses for me!  --He laughs at name-brandy things (b/c he likes to buy mostly cheap stuff).  BUT this time he took my 500 hints since last summer, and he cruised in like a champ to our handy dandy favorite store downtown and hooked me up! :)
 This is my mom sporting a scarf and some cool olive dishes from Sevilla--our annual package is really the best part of Christmas presents for us.  The letter that came with it this year from Spain was quite distressing.  If you want to read some news..Google the spain situation right now--it ain't perty.
 Elena and Kit got a hot dog stand from Santa.
 Eva got a leap pad ultra--a {purple I-pad} just for her, thank you very much!
 V-man got some Star Wars Pjs from P-barn...and an Xbox...we just had a lot of fun opening presents, can you tell??  Victor bought this toboggan for Elena.  He took a lot of pride in going out to buy each of us something this year.  --Which makes my heart melt, to be honest. :)
 Elena and I spent the morning yesterday making Cake pops!  It is very very very fun. :)
We took them to dinner last night at the Hill's house, and they were gone in a flash! :)
 And you know, no Christmas is complete without a little pageant action.  This picture was taken in the Church I grew up in, and the one Andy and I got married in --coming up on 13 years ago.  My children sang songs--into a microphone, solo!--It was absolutely wonderful!--No video camera was it will have to live on in my memory.

 This was after their performance.  Andy is sporting his beard from November!  He just keeps waiting to shave it. :)
And finally today.  These are Hill cousins.  We ate pancakes this morning.  And I took down the tree. Andy took it out to the woods, and the cousins declared that I am the GRinch! :)--no worries.  I was just ready to clean house, and there was a spark of energy.  This has been an awesome Christmas season.
I hope that each of you has had a wonderful Christmas/Holiday season.
We did not send out a card this year, so I hope this re-cap will suffice. :)

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Bethany said...

Oh yay - what fun! Yes, it suffices... V-man is suddenly looking more grown-up, crazy. Sweet pics of everybody, you are looking awesome!