Sunday, December 29, 2013

Several things I learned during this Christmas break

One thing I learned is that the movie Enchanted is absolutely fabulous!  I have never seen it.  My children had seen it, when we sat down to watch it together the other night.  They were convinced that I had seen this movie before.  Nope!  This movie is so cute, and so clever.  I was glued to the TV the whole time. If you have not spent two hours of your life watching this one, I highly recommend it.
While I was watching this movie I watched a Disney message.  The message was to little girls.  It highlighted personality traits in the D. princesses that are important to their successes.  These traits did not include, wears high heels with great finesse, big boobs, or perfect hair and make up.  The traits were things like, fearlessness, courage, creativity, and ability to laugh at oneself.

Another thing I learned is how fun it is to watch this movie with your children--once they are six years old or so.
This movie is so funny, and my children were laughing their heads off!  We just sat down to watch it last night.  Our tree is down, the Christmas decorations are put away, but I have been wanting to watch this movie for weeks and last night I decided to buy it off of cable on demand and just watch it!  We did and we laughed and laughed.  An eight year old boy, boobie trapping this house, and using a map to set up the traps to catch the bad guys...this is an irresistible plot for a six year old little boy.

Another thing I learned is how fun Zumba is!  We received an Xbox 360 Kinect from Santa.  It has a sensor so you can play games with your body.  So, Zumba is a possibility for my now.  No going anywhere etc.  I just go into the living room, and start to dance.  It saves your data and you earn new songs and post cards etc.  SO FUN! :)
It's a good thing I heard that Disney message b/c I certainly need to be able to laugh at myself when I am attempting Zumba moves in my living room! :)

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