Saturday, December 7, 2013

Superlatives (UNC football game)

 This post has a whole long story, and even though the pictures put themselves first, please, read the story too! :)

For the longest time there has been a post in my head rumbling and rolling around in my head and I have just neglected to post it.
Does anyone else notice that in our media and in our culture everyone looks for a superlative, even if the superlative is so contrived and was so hard to come by that it does not even make any sense.
I could give examples, but instead of writing that post I decided to write one about our fun weekend in Chapel Hill! :)
Last weekend we went to Chapel Hill to the Duke UNC football game because Victor WON tickets.
He was awarded tickets for being one of the TOP students academically and all-around at his school.
The UNC athletic department decided to do some public outreach, and I must say, we benefitted. :)
We woke up earlier than anyone else in town to get ready to go, we were all soo excited!  Probably the most excited we have been in a while.
Andy got home from working in the AM and he took a shower and we were off!
We had the easiest drive ever....all the way to the east side of Chapel Hill.
And then at 10:30 we hit the worst traffic I have ever seen on 15-501!  It was a parking lot!  Victor was in the backseat DEVASTATED!  We sat there for an hour and a half--and heard the game begin on the radio.  I am quite sure that Victor was crying harder than anyone else on that highway.  At that point all of Andy's exhaustion overtook him and he began to lose his temper as well.
At that point Victor insisted that I change lanes and get in the lane that was creeping just a tad faster and we finally got moving.
We cruised in the back way and thanks to my better than anyone else's memory (LOL) we got moving.  I dropped everyone off and they began walking to the game.  I went to the farthest parking lot away!! and I parked the car.  Then Eva and I trekked it to the game.  We pulled the sneakiest trick ever and snuck Eva in with no ticket--She had to pretend to be a three year old (LOL).
Once we got there we were truly in Carolina heaven--on the sunny side--in the best seats ever!
We got lucky and we were sitting beside some friends of ours! 
Eva was the best behaved four year old in the stadium! and we stayed the whole three quarters that we were there to see. :)  After the game we trekked back to the car.  We arrived at the car to find the worst traffic back up any parking deck has ever seen.  We sat in the car for a minute and decided "Oh no! There is fun to be had if we walk back up to Franklin St. and eat and walk around."  So we got out of the car and executed the best plan two parents ever came up with to avoid traffic.  We took the kids on a tour of campus, and drank some of the best water on the planet from the Old Well, and then we ate at Linda's--Andy's favorite bar of all times.  After that we had a cab ride back over to the parking lot, b/c no one would want to walk that far know?  (That was part two of the best plan ever)
Then it was off to a hotel over by South Point mall--the best mall in the world!  We played in the hotel and went to bed so we could rest up for a day of fun looking at the mall decorations and riding the escalators. 
Overall we had the best weekend!
...and that post about Superlatives, well I will get to that one later. ;).


Bethany said...

Hahahaaaa! I love it!! You are the {best} parents and Victor is {best} and {top} boy! That is the most exciting and hilarious story I have EVER heard! Carolina is the best team ever! Andy looks great with the beard going on - that one is no joke. ;-)
None of it is! Thanks for the fun story... Miss you {best bloggy bud}

Moore, Moore, Moore! said...

So glad you guys had a great time, I wish we could have been in Chapel Hill that weekend so we could have gotten together. Miss and love you all and hope you have a wondeful Christmas break!!!! I just love reading your blogs, I can "hear" you saying them in my head!!!