Friday, March 21, 2014

My Mama is a Poet...

...and I am not!
BUT, I will say that even though I suffer having a poem of desperation on my heart, I can value
that the poetry needs to escape.
Although I cannot write the poem, I can appreciate the one I need at any given moment.
I have perfected the one that is necessary for new parents--that will draw the tears bursting to be shed...
I can read the one she typed for me to keep on my refridgerator to read when I am mired down in the drudgery  and boredom of life, to remind me that, drudgery and samedom is a big part of what life is all about.
I think that poetry is in the genes, and the appreciation of poetry is found among those of us who know we need it, but are unable to necessarily create it!
Appreciation of an art is to be admired in this case!
You see, when I was growing up, my mama would just quote this stuff to us...and I would think, "she is off her rocker," and I woudl ask her, please tell me what this means...
Then she would.  It can be quite alarming to hear your mother tell of the boredom and frustration of her life via poetry, and still know that she loves you more than anything.  It is also the kind of honesty that all mothers should be able to impart on their youth!  
Ojala que un dia de estos ya tenga yo dinero y un rato (largo) para irme con mis hijos y me esposo a un rincon del mundo que escojo yo!   Ojala que tenga yo la oportunidad de escaparme --solo un ratito para adventura!
And looking at everyone else's fun on facebook, is like salt in the wound, for real.
My philospophy on {jealousy} fails me in moments of true hormonal weakness!
I would like to link back to my philosophy on Jealousy here, but since I did not tag my posts, I am not able.
It is a rather, Pick yourself up by your bootstraps mentality, though.
When I am at my weakest, however, I just resort to crying in my shower. ;).
AND then.. I count my blessings!
My Mama is a poet!
My sister is my best friend!
My husband takes care of me!
My children are dears!
My dogs don't shit on the rug...{very often}.
My washing machine works!
I love to exercise!
That is what I have, for now...(and my {kitty} stashed away...)

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Bethany said...

shout it out there! and you are strong and lovely and have a good {mind} and {heart} and we can keep cataloguing each of these things whenever needed. {fist bump}