Monday, April 28, 2014

There's a first time for everything

On Friday night we had tornados all around us!
I was at my friend's house in her closet with her little girl.
For an hour and a half we hid in the closet because there was no electricity and
we were told to "go to your safe spot!"
that is what we did!
Then, after the storm, I drove home.
There was a bad smell in the air...and trailers that were trailers when I left to go to Sissy's house,
were now flattened-gone..
There was a calm panic in the air--all around me.
Two route attemps later, I arrived at my house.
So, I posted lots of tornado videos on my facebook page!
See!--It is almost like you cannot escape Facebook.
After the storm I wanted to see news updates etc. and Facebook had the best ones.
The videos posted there were the best ones.
hhhmm.... This has left me on the fence.
Mostly I know I need to get off of there...
But then some odd thing happens and I  want to look on there...
Okay--back to Monday
Back to the real world!

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Melissa said...

wow and you were in your town? WOW!