Monday, May 5, 2014

Once is {totally} enough.

This past weekend I went to the Outer Banks and ran in the flying pirate 1/2 marathon.
I excercise and run all the time.
Just about every day of my life I do a workout video or run...
I trained for about two months doing long runs to build up my endurance...
When I got to the race,
Not literally...but in the stick shift car kinda way.
At the starting line I had to pee.
Since I had just gone, I thought it was my nerves...
but it was not.
So at mile two I was at the scotty potty waiting in a LINE of women!
Six minutes...
Then I was out of the pack.
So, at mile nine I had another {odd body thing} happen
that I will not talk about here....but after that happened
running was just about out of the question!
I mean I could run in small doses...
I just could not run...
So, it took me almost three hours--not good!
I also realized, as I was running....I hate this!!
I know now--I never want to do that again...ever.
Curiosity satisfied.
Yes I can do it.
Yes I am not good at it.
Yes it tears your body up.

The end.

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