Sunday, June 8, 2014


Here is one.
Here is another.
Here is another.  Stick with me here...
And to complete the theme, here are the two melded together:

Is meld a word?--Oh! yes!  I just looked it up to make sure. {mom brain}
This week was a week FULL of activities.
Heck, the whole month has been!  While we have shuffled around after school to graduations, dance recitals, ball practices and games, swim practices...{crazy}, my children have hung in there.
They have been tired.  They have been happy, grumpy--every emotion from A to Z.
What I have not done is act like a "tiger mom"
One of the days Victor was so tired--that I called Andy and he came to get V-man so he could lay on the couch all day.
When they are tired and grumpy--MOM packs their stuff for them, finds their stuff for them, and give them hugs.
The more I am a mom I am realizing there is no place for the "tiger mom" in my world.
The world and its demands are "tiger enough"--I think I will just be a cushion.
I would rather soften the blows.
Are my expectations of them high?  Sure.
Are their expectations of themselves high?  Right now, yes, and time will tell on this one..
Does life demand a whole lot?  YES!
So, I will be the one in the wings checking, gauging, and picking up the slack.
When I was composing this post in my head it occurred to me that this is what my Mama has always done too!
When I was tired, sad, frustrated, got my feelings hurt--she has always been there...
checking, gauging, and picking up the slack..
No room for Tiger moms here, folks!
Moms are the cushions! :)
(just don't ask about Mama bear, however, she does come out if necessary!)

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