Friday, July 11, 2014

Eva's quotables

" the library used to be a magazine shop when you were little, Mama?"

We have been going to the library this summer.
We all get a book.
Eva has been getting fairy chapter books.
I have tried to convince her to get a picture book, as she cannot read at all.
But no.
When we have reading hour off she goes to her room to read her chapter
book to her baby.
I must say, it melts my heart!
Who cares?  I say to myself, if she has a whole summer of {reading} chapter books...

Yesterday we were leaving the library and Eva asked me, "Mama, how come that lady is over there in the library and she is not even getting any books?"
I told her all about the internet connections and that some people go there to pass the day, or look for jobs, or just to research stuff.
Next, the "when I was a little girl" story came out.
I told her all about how when I was little we went there to do research and we looked at magazines and periodicals. " There was no such thing as the internet," I said.  
Eva's summary:
"So, that means when you were a little girl, the library was just a magazine shop, mama?"
--"yep" I said, "now which chapter book did you choose this time Eva?"

Ahhhh...the joys of being a mother!  and ahhh...the joys of enjoying all that is the {baby} of the familiy!

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Bethany said...

Awww! The joys! My "baby" is holding my hand & sucking his thumb this moment :) Sweet Eva! Jadyn likes those fairy books too. I miss that "magazine shop."
See you NEXT week!!! xo