Thursday, July 17, 2014

Glitter and Glue, by Kelly Corrigan

I read this book and as I was reading I kept folding up pages.  This is what I do when I read as I come across stuff that I want to read again, or literary passages that are so profound I hope that I can remember them {forever}. hmm. hmm. ;).

So I read the book Glitter and Glue recently and it was really about mothers and daughters.  If you are a mother or a daughter, you should read it. 
The story itself was not all that {wonderful}.  It was not wonderful in the way that it is just irresistible and it just sucks you in.  The author, Kelly Corrigan, does however, have a way with words.  Usually, I observed, at the ends of the chapters she would stick some wonderful tidbit of life observed and then written down!

So, before I took the book back to the library I took pictures of the pages that included greatness!  The ones that were dog eared from the bottom--I just took fotos of them.
I will share quotes here:

"Martin announces he's done, Finished, my mom corrects.
Are you a slab of meat? "

This one hits home b/c my own Mama hates it when people say they are "done".  It drives her crazy!  I remember my third grade teacher hated it too!  So we are all well trained to say we are, "finished"  --no "I'm done, Grandma" around way! No sir!...

Here is another:
"That's the thing about mothers.  Once the containment ends and the on becomes two
Forget trying to memorize is a picture of the page! LOL
Look at the eighth paragraph down.  Are you able to read it?  It is beautiful!  It begins, "The thing..."
There are so many more quotables in this book, which to me is the talent of Kelly Corrigan.
I kept waiting for her profound tidbits! :)

Read the paragraph that begins, "While he told me about playing golf..."
That one is wonderful! :)
I took six more pictures of pages of this book, but I think that my bloggy friends should just check this book out at this point and read it, it is great! :)

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Bethany said...

Haha! I will just have to check it out. I do the same thing, and try to remember lyrical sections or ways of saying something that just hit me! SUpposed to be a great feature of kindle, ipad - we could highlight sections to remember... hmmhmm... ;-)