Thursday, July 24, 2014

To be a fan of the underdog

This post has been writing itself to me since I was at the beach in June.
The Mayor came to sit with my Mama and me on the porch.
He talked and talked, and all that he had to say was thoroughly entertaining.
He was wiring a house up at Corolla, at least 7,000 square feet!
"How was Mama dog?" my mama asked him...
"Oh, she's alright, you know she has to eat a biscuit every morning.  I take her one each day," he said "before I head out to work"
I just listened.  We sat on the swing drinking cheap beer, enjoying the breeze...
Mama dog, is a stray that no one owns, I learned.
The mayor does not own her either, but each day for eight years he has taken her a biscuit.
We also talked about "Youngblood" his girlfriend.  
I was just listening and listening while my Mama and the mayor caught up.
Yeah...Youngblood is much younger than he, and she is the black sheep of her family..(he, of course, did not say this..I deduced it).
Another underdog in his trail of daily interactions, I thought.
Then my Mama and I sat on the swing and we talked and we talked.
I began to ponder the people around me who are fans of the underdogs.
While other people are worrying about how to {get ahead}, or "keep up appearances", or "maintain the status quo"...the list goes one with cotidiana preoccupations, the fans of underdogs walk through the day spotting people who might be down trodden and who the world has {sh!tt3d on}.
Then, they go about finding simple ways to make the day of the underdog better.

There is probably another group of people who can spot the underdogs and sympathize with them, but they do not make it a priority to change anything.

People who are fans of the underdog might look mousy, like they don't care.
They might drink cheap beer or liquor.
They probably drive old beat up trucks and have jobs that do not pay all that well.
They might have simple, cheap hobbies like fishing off the pier or grilling out in the yard.

The use their money to take biscuits to stray dogs, they take their time to 
mow the grass for old ladies and don't charge a dime,
look out for friends who are down on their luck....
The list goes on.
I do intend to keep studying and looking out for these people.
They are very interesting characters, and one does not come across them frequently.
But if one is lucky enough to come across a fan of the underdog, one is lucky enough!

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Bethany said...

World can't roll without them - you keep looking out. Good, good.