Sunday, August 17, 2014

The end

Today marks the end of my Summer!  Every Summer on this day I have the strangest set of emotions.
Mainly I want to weep.
I do not want to leave my children to go back to the rat race.
I do not want to rush around all day and have to devote so much of my energy to my career.
Then, I remember, 
omm...They are all THRILLED to go back to school!
They cannot wait to know who is going to be in their class and who their teacher will be.
They are saturated with free time, eachother, and summer overall.
So am I.
Today my {big cry} came in the parking lot of the Library as I walked to my car in the hot sun with my final Summer check out in my hand (another Mary Kay Andrews book).
I wept.
I felt very emotional and sad, I lamented the loss of summer as I walked down the aisle buying {goodies} at Food Lion.
Then a little voice behind me said, "Hey Miss Hill!"  I turned around to greet the child and she quickly hid behind her Mama's leg being a bit shy.
I recognized her face, she is in my bus line.
Then it hit me!
No more sadness!
I am ready!
Ready for random hugs all day long by little teeny people.
Ready for my {me time} in my office in the morning.
Ready for lunch in silence and peace.
Ready to see the excitement in my own childrens' faces when they talk about their new adventures!
And here those sweetie pies are, watching scooby doo on Eva's I Pad mini---

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