Thursday, October 2, 2014


does anyone remember these kinds of posts?
These are posts in which one might fire off about anything that comes to mind.
Here are mine:
* The name Brooks, for a boy, is one of my least favorite.  Brooke, for a girl, fine.  Brook, for a girl, not as good a spelling, but whatevs...
Brook with an /s/?  omm..for a boy?  bad idea.  dumb. hate it.
**does anyone remember learning to multiply double digit numbers?  I do.  I was always deemed "careless!"  LOL--I got it, but I hated it.  Igual for Elena.  Thank god for Andy.
*Bourdain, or Zimmern.  Well, although I relate, in my attitude to Bourdain more, --Zimmern for me!  I love a big fat nerdy guy who is so excited about everything he sees, and he does not try to make it so existentialist all the time, he is not a ner do well, nor does he even try to be one.  He is damn happy to be finding bizarre foods.
**wanna make a smoothie?  go get a stick blender, put in a frozen brown banana (don't throw it out), some other frozen fruit (whatever you pick is cheap in the comida kitty frozen foods section), some yogurt, some water, and some chia seeds...blendy blend--I do it every morning.
*Jobs:  I am getting a little worn down by mine.  I love helping children. 
*Spain:  going there is looking more and more like a longshot every day.  Today I priced a trip and it would cost clost to ten grand to get us all there...
sad. face.
**Spain:  is the place I love the most...and my dream is to go there with my children and live at Matalascanyas for a month in the summer and take trips around with them to see my favorite stuff...carmona, segovia, gibraltar, sevilla {nervion}.  Ojala!
* Fright.  my colleagues and I were discussing fears the other day.  The baptist among us talked about her preacher's current topic:  revelation
all of the rest of us asked her questiosns and we talked about Ebola, extremist religious tendencies, ebola, wars (specifically --the Ukraine, Afganistan, Iraq, Israel, Hong Kong...go on and on))
**Babies, now that mine is five, and is too heavy to just pick right up etc., I really want two more, no lies...with more sanity, a part time consulting job, a trust fund, --I would have two more, b/c five is a good even number.

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