Wednesday, October 1, 2014

so there she sat

On the very hot back stoop of her house in Saltineville, the hot sun was beating down on her, as the afternoon sulked along.  She was waitng for her husband to get home.  As she sat she thought, and as she thought, she began to plan.  This kind of planning happened to Suzanne often.  This was the kind of planning that got ahead of itself.  The kind that led to finding a new job in one day, the kind that led to moving.
Moving back to Wishington only became an appealing option once Suzanne and her husband had TWO children.  One of them did not like riding in the car.  It became difficult to visit the grandparents for the weekend.
Only after Suzanne was able to see Wishington through the eyes of a visitor was she able to even fathom that it was, indeed, a beautiful place.  Her husband agreed.  They would talk about the beauty as they cruised down East Main St. headed toward River Road to go to the Grands' houses.  There, in one spot, all of a sudden the beautiful river spread out before the visitor! Gorgeous, with diamond sparkles on all the teeny ripples.
Also, only after Suzanne had been to visit a very cool house that was in the same neighborhood as her in laws and was just asking to be {fixed up}.  Now Suzanne and her family never moved into this house, but just checking it out planted the seed....
The seed of {you CAN go home again}.
On the back stoop of her house, that very afternoon Suzanne planned exactly how that would happen!
She called her mother in law and arranged a rental agreement.
She started looking for jobs for herself, and for her husband.  It would be an industrious pursuit, but it would happen!
None of anything even the slightest bit antagonistic presented itself to Suzanne as she began to think about moving {home}.
Cue the Simon and Garfunk£l song, folks...
And, stay tuned!  There is more of this to come, b/c chronicaling this is just too much fun. 

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