Friday, April 24, 2015

Cat shows, drug overdoses, puberty, aqua alpha romeos, and restaurants

Yesterday I was at a professional convention in Raleigh.  During the "lunch own your own" time my friend and I decided to get a pedicure.  We went to a pedicure spot in a small neighborhood strip mall in Raleigh, which was recommended to me by a friend.  She described it as a great bargain b/c it costs 25 dollars and they really massage your legs and feet for a long time.
All of that was so true.  It was, by far, the BEST pedicure I have ever had (I think I have probably had five).  Those people knew some things about massage--and pressure points and...they really did a great job!
During the pedicure, which lasted 50 minutes ladies from this neighborhood were cruising in and the workers greeted them all by their first names.  I could tell that this was a happening neighborhood nail salon.  It was familiar, and comfy.
The conversations the clientele had, however, were somewhat bizarre, and they distracted from the enjoyment of the pedicure, especially for my friend.  The ladies chatted non-stop.  They talked about owning and breeding exotic cats.  One of the girls told a long detailed story of her brother who was found dead in the yard from a drug overdose.  A lady two chairs down from me told all about her daughter's growth, and lack there of b/c she had started her menstrual cycle--poor thing is topping out at five feet.  This particular lady went on and on.... The same lady who told about the cats told about her aqua blue alpha romeo.  She was taking a trip down memory lane and she told all about that car.  Then once they ladies involved us in the conversation they told us about all of the restaurants in that area of Raleigh and gave us food recommendations.
There was a whole lotta talking going on in that place.
It was a hoot!

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Bethany said...

Ha! Luckily you could understand them! I am convinced the Asian ladies at the place I go to are talking about all of us in there... they chatter in their language and laugh and look at us . :) But they can sure massage.