Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The things you pick....

and the things you end up with
Any person's immediate reaction might be --oh!  ending up with stuff--they must be the rejects of someone else--who wants to just {end up} with a bunch of stuff they did not pick! {??) Que horror!
BUT This blog post started writing itself to me about  a week ago and it would not go away.  I started walking around in my life thinking about how most of everything in my life is stuff and people and relationships I have ended up with, and WHAT A BLESSING THAT IS!
Here are some pictures, just to keep it interesting:
Andy and I just ended up with this table when we bought our first house in Durham.  That house is long gone and does not even look the same anymore, but here sits the table.  We eat and play and do homework on it daily.  It is the perfect table for us.  I have no idea from which decade it came, no idea if it even has some fancy brand mark on it (I really doubt that),  nor do I care.  If I would have had the opportunity and money to go out an pick a table, I could not, at 24, have chosen a better table than this.  
Here is something I picked.  I do love this painting.  It reminds me of the drive to the beach and the canals with logs and turtles.  I went out to eat with my friend Shannon and I had a couple beers.  Then with my liquid courage consumed, I bought an expensive piece of art!  Well, I started buying it.  In small towns people will just let you start paying for something and then come back later and pay the rest.  Andy payed for the rest of it for me as a gift.  There was some guilt there, about having picked out an expensive painting I wanted.  In the days of raising three kids buying paintings is not looked highly upon.  
Here are two things on my mantle.  A blue vase and a rock, both of which are things I have just ended up having.  The rock, I am sure, is a treasure for someone in the house...(who knows??).  These are just fine.  The vase I really like.
Another example occurred to me!  My children!  We don't pick our children, we end up with them.  We surely choose to have children or not to, I won't argue that, but we do not pick who they will be, or what they will look like or any other thing about their being.  Isn't that just the best surprise ever?!  
Here is Prissy.  We ended up with her.  We did not pick her.  She is the best!  She is an artful selective listener, she is always polite, she loves to snuggle and she is sweet to children.
Here is Spot.  We chose Spot.  He is --well, he is just a mess!  :)  He loves about three people.  He is handsome, although this picture might not show it.  I caught him in the middle of eating, which he is pretty serious about.  Come to think of it, he is pretty serious about everything.  
Here is a purse I chose for myself.  It was pricey.  I love it.  It will be around until --well, a long time b/c it is made of boat seat material with seat belt material for straps.  
After I kept making my list I had this very profound idea in my head! LOL!  It was about Yin and Yang, which I am sure you can put together yourself, but there was more.  Now, this whole profound idea has escaped itself to me!! ahhhh!!  I bet, though, that you can come up with some profound things to think about this too.  Think about what you have ended up with, and what you have chosen.  Probably 75% of what I have I have ended up with.  The other 25% might be things I have chosen.  That 25% is the 25% that ends up causing me grief--b/c usually I want some thing that is too pricey, or hard to find etc.
Are any readers still out there?  Do you know how to comment?  Please leave me a comment if you would like.  Tell me your favorite thing you ended up with and your favorite thing or person you picked. :)

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