Sunday, December 6, 2015

December party {a Wishington post}

Suzanne and Randy began to realize that their friendships in Wishington were needing constant re-evaluation, and Suzanne was truly wondering WTF, as this was beginning to seem pretty much like middle school. 
For example, one of the years in December they were invited to the 40th birthday party of the husband of Boarding school friend.
Randy and Rick Richard McRichardson V were really not that great friends, but really, guys tend to be be at leat friendly with most others.  So, Randy and Suzanne decided, why not head over to celebrate.
Mind you, they had to head over to a {farm} that was at least an hour away.  Suzanne called the {friend} to let her know they would be attending.  (RSVP).
Friend had a note of surprise in her voice, but Suzanne brushed it off.  They were  excited to have a date night, a night to hang out and socialize, and to help celebrate Rick's turning 40.  Suzanne was a firm believer that if someone invited you to a birthday party, in particular, it was rude not to go and help them celebrate (you were important enough to that person so they wanted you to be there so they invited you etc.)
Off they headed.  
Boarding school girl had told Suzanne that she and about four other girls were all going together with a driver ...Suzanne thought nothing of it.
When they arrived at the party everything was fun enough.  There were tons of people to talk to, cool places to be, lots of yummy food etc.
Theree came a critical moment when they had to decide...are we staying for the night, or going.  Suzanne and Randy decided to stay b/c they were having fun still and there was a crowd.  Then at around sometime ...who knows what time it was...Suzanne noticed there were no other women ANYWHERE!!  At the WHOLE place.  Had she missed a critical memo???
Not only were the five moms with the driver gone...all the other women were gone too!
Suzanne and Randy sat around for a while, slept on some couches for a while, and then around two AM, Randy decided they would get the hell out of there.  
Thank God for Randy!! --That is what Suzanne was thinking..
Otherwise she did not know what to think...
The wishington social scene had her totally baffled!

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