Thursday, July 10, 2008

bunk beds

Elena got a bunk bed.
It squeeks terribly.
We are having company tomorrow night.
Hers is the guest room.

What to do!!???
We took the mattress off.
We let the children, Elena, Victor, and Lily, (my niece)
jump on each piece individually so that we might
discover which piece is making the incessant squeeking.

While they jumped we played this song from a great CD
by the Ethiopians, which is currently lost to us.
It was one of our favorites. :(
Let me see if I can put the link up here....

I did it!!
We love this whole CD.
well, we loved it.
Seeing Victor dance to this/jump off the bed/smile while he dances...mmmm there is nothing like it in the world!!


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Moore, Moore, Moore! said...

you are getting good on this blog thing, I am proud of you...i LOVE the corn pic with Victor!!!!!! have a great weekend,