Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Favorite spots & mas

Here are pictures of two of my favorite spots in Washington, right now anyway. Since we have moved home I have seen some new spots, re-liked old spots.
This sign is painted on the side of a building here. It is an advertisement. I have been told that Wine of Card*i was sort of like a PMS tonic, a cure-all for women.
Of course the picture is at the top, b/c that is where they always end up. :)
The other spot is someone's residence. This person has the cutest little terrace and I love it. I want to go up there and sit and have some wine. :)

****Missy Update****
Missy escaped her cage one night and fell off the kitchen counter. Poor thing.
Well, her shell cracked. Then on Sunday when I was napping I heard her get dropped, (she was about to pinch someone I guess). This was the end of the pink shell. She was completely exposed --her little vulnerable body--yikes!. So, on Monday, she decided to take up residence in her bad a** skull and cross bones shell. Which really suits her well.
Andy watched her change shells. First she checked out the new shell, and then she spent about 10 minutes moving.
Elena was soooo excited. She said, "Now Missy is a wobster, mama!"


Anonymous said...

I love the update on Missy!

Bethany said...

I know that terrace! Can't you see it from the old bank parking lot, near the river?? :)