Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Day off...

Andy has taken the children to his mama's house to swim.
So I am playing.
In a minute I am going to pick apples and plant two vines.
BUT in a moment of peace, I decided to make another p*kN*k
It is fun. :)


Anonymous said...

Hey Susan! I just put a link to your blog on my page. Hope that's okay, I am really enjoying your blog and that makes it easier!

I got to catch up a little on GL while I was on vacation. I think Ava is so pretty but I don't like her. Do you think the baby is someone we know? Are Reva and Josh going to get back together? Do you watch Young and Restless?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the GL update...did we ever see/know Ava slept with Remy or was that a surprise we just found out about?

I miss Reva's sister, Roxie and I hate how they never mention her anymore :(. I am sure she is out of that psych ward by now !!

I love Reva!!