Saturday, July 26, 2008


This weekend Elena and I went back to Burlington--we just moved from there--to go to the baptism of Ramses. Ramses was born on the same day as Victor, and his mother and I are friends from work, Roxanna. And his grandmother, Abue, Kept my children since they were born.
It was soooo much fun.
Friday night we stayed with Shannon and Joel, and Carter. We ate supper with them, and got to see the house they are building. Beautiful. We got to swim in their pool too, which was a treat. :)
This morning we got up, got ready, and went to the C*tholic church for the Baptism. It was really fun/interesting (I am not C*tholic) so there were some things involved that we M*thod@sts dont do. For example, each family had a little shell for their child which was used to dip up the holy water. And we all got splashed with some holy water, which, I guess is pretty, lucky/holy etc. In our church the whole church does not get to get splashed/sprinkled etc.--just the person getting baptized. The priest and Elena and I were the only gwera gente in the church. Also interesting. :)
Elena and i left too early for the party --we had to get home, but we definitely got to check out what were going to miss, lots of food, pretty decorations, and time with friends. Elena loved playing with her buddies. Angela gave us some food--which we ate tonight for supper.--it was yummy meat--just like barbecue to me :)
Morgan, Roxanna made these suckers. They are out of chocolate, she bought molds in Mexico. I was impressed, vamos. Of course I could not even make a bow today at the party, so sh**.
We miss our friends, but it was definitely nice to get away from so many cars on the hwy on the way home.
Another celebration I noticed today:
Out by the hwy near my house. Someone died. The hearse was parked out front, with RIP CL painted on it. There were black balloons on the mailbox. There was a pig cooker in the yard, and a huge party was going on. Did this person die? What a great celebration to have for them. Oh....wait, sometimes don't people do stuff like that when they turn 40? the black balloon thing....hmmm????
(people always say they dont want people to be too sad and mope about them dying, they would rather have a party, it appeared to me that these folks were really following the instructions! )

Okay enough rambling...lets see if the slideshow works.

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