Sunday, July 27, 2008

Missy update

Well, Missy has left us.
The other day I was packing the car.
We were all playing outside.
We left Missy out to play under the apple tree.
(I thought she might like to eat one??? dig in the dirt??)
Well, when we remembered, about 30 minutes later, we all went out to look for her
and she was GONE.
But whatever.
The skull and crossbones was better camoflage than the pink shell with silver stars, so Missy was well-hidden.

Elena did not even seem to care. I thought she was going to be devastated!


Anonymous said...

Missy :(

Moore, Moore, Moore! said...

OH No Missy! I am so glad that Elena didn't care :)
Here is my current email address:

I am SO excited about seeing you guys. I am going to try and call you this afternoon..My mom is having surgery on her gums...I am taking her and will have to wait while she has it done.

Thursday, the Dish network man is supposed to come between 8-12 to switch us over from cable....Sunday I have nothing planned. How will you guys come to the mtns?? On 40?? I will figure out a good place for us to meet.