Thursday, July 3, 2008

Our house

Here is our house in Washington. I was trying to make a slide show, so there would be pics of the inside etc. We are having fun living here so far.
Andy is working from his office on the back porch--sort of a sun porch. They used to call it a "back den" or something.
Our house is old, so it has no outlets in the bathroom. :) cute. It was built in the 50's. We love it! Old houses are the ones that endear themselves to me, so it is lucky to be able to live in one, especially one that also has sentimental value.
Once I figure out a slideshow--I will put one up here.

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Moore, Moore, Moore! said...

Love the house, it looks just like a "susan house"...I can relate with you on lack of outlets..we do have 1 in the bathroom, but there were only 1 in all of the rooms. We had to get an electrician to do us a few more!