Saturday, July 5, 2008

July 4th

We had a great July 3rd & 4th. Our friends Chet and Jennifer came to see us.

Elena rode in their convertible.

We saw fireworks downtown.

We ate at my in-law's house.

We had homemade icecream at my Mama and Daddy's.

Here are some pictures.

Still not in the slideshow.
I have no idea how all these spaces got in here????
We also walked downtown, b/c Chet and Jennifer have never been here before. We got paletas de mamey at the panaderia that is right downtown in a cute building. We looked for shark teeth in the piles of gravel at the Estuarium on the waterfront. Of course, the paletas and sharks' teeth were my favorites for my children, and the adults too, I guess.
Now, I am going to take some okra I got at the farmer's market over to my mama's and see if she will fry it for me. Yummy.

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