Sunday, July 6, 2008


When we were at the beach a couple weeks ago Elena got a hermit crab.

I have been noticing over the past few years that hermit crabs have become really decorated and ornate--the ones they sell for pets anyway. When I was little they were in natural shells. Now, they are in shells with Super Hero symbols or glitter stars. They are painted with spots in non-neutral shades for sure. It is a bit disturbing. I remember picking out the hermit crab I had. It was in a tiny conch shell. I picked the smallest one in the cage, and the conch shell was my favorite.

Here is the one Elena picked--Well it's at the top up there. :)

She wanted a pink one--and pink is what she got.

It would have been nice to say, "Elena, shells don't come in that color with glitter stars on them." But no. B/c someone decided that Hermit Crab shells should be painted.

When Missy changes shells she will have the skull and crossbones shell. That is the only big shell they had in the bin. Which means she will go from being an ultra-feminine crab, to a boyish Pirate flag crab. HA!!!


Anonymous said...

That's really neat about the hermit crabs--it kind of makes me want to get one now!!..what do you mean they change shells?

This is Morgan's cousin Melissa by the way, I think I met you at one of their parties with your husband Andy, and it was probably gosh, a long time ago now. You are doing great on your blog!! My blog is at Morgan and I should be updating more, you are showing us up!

Susan said...


Hermit Crabs change shells as they grow bigger.
So, when missy gets too big for her pink, starry shell she will come out of it and pick her only choice, the pirate one.
She will get into the pirate shell and that will be her new home.
They usually do it at night.
Missy is always active at night. I can hear her digging etc. in the night.

Anonymous said...

That's really funny and cute!

Now I want to get one!!