Sunday, July 6, 2008


Let me see if this works, then I will write about it. I just wrote about it, and then the slideshow did not work correctly.
A ver...

Now. These are pictures of our tomato plants, our apple tree, and the bird bath with the Lantana that I planted.
Grandma Eva planted the apple tree and the fig trees.
We planted chives and basil and peppers and tomatoes. The tomatoes are supposed to be Cherokee purple tomatoes. BUT, they are not so happy here. The flowers keep falling off the plants. :( The plants look happy enough, but they do not want to give us tomatoes. WE are checking into this. Andy is tired of me obsessing about it. hee hee. If you are ever at a farmer's market and they have these kind of tomatoes buy them, and buy a lot. They are great!
A good book to read, Animal Vegetable Miracle. I read this book and it made me want to have a big ole garden, like the one we had when I was little.
Next year I think we will be able to. This year we were moving and stuff.

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Bethany said...

Ha! I just read that book too, and felt the same way! I called my Mom & we reminisced about the garden from my childhood. And then all of a sudden I wanted some cucumbers, the prickly kind that are homegrown. :) Love Barbara Kingsolver.