Monday, July 7, 2008

Yay Elena!

Elena took her first swimming lesson today. We will go seven more times. I was really not sure if she was going to go in without me...
She was really nervous.
I have been telling her about it some all along just so she would not get freaked out by us pulling up to a pool and having me say, "alright mama's going to leave now" That would be terrible. But then you don't want to talk a subject to death, and worry the H*** out of someone over nothing, for example,a shot at the dr. When we got there she seemed apprehensive, but she stayed!!!
At the pool where we go to swimming lessons the parents are not allowed to stay, but we can watch through holes in the top of the concrete wall!!!
I never thought I would ever in my life stare through a hole in a concrete wall that hard. I felt like I was in a place in France.
But no. I was watching my little sweet thing in there just swimming and swimming.
Then, evidence of Elena's never having been in any kind of formal instruction appeared, when the time to slide down the water slide came, she was completely oblivious to the line. She just went right over to the ladder to climb up, and one of the instructors gently informed her of the line.
I was so proud, and so was she. We went directly to the mini mart to get her a juice and a sucker.
She told me the moves they taught her today.
the sandwich (something to do with the hands)
and the TURKEY VULTURE!! I saw this one through the fence. That name is a hoot to me.
The rest of the slide show shows pictures of us making pizza.
Once again inspired by animal vegetable miracle.
Elena goes out and gets the basil and the chives for me.
Victor loves to put on the cheese and poke the pizza.

Okay enough for the mommy stuff today.
Let's see if the slide show will work.....


Shara said...

Elena looks more and more like you every time I see her!!

Moore, Moore, Moore! said...

That is great that she is taking lessons!!!! Turkey vulture!!!! That sounds like a scary move to me!!!!! I am loving looking at your blog and so glad you are doing one!!!! I would love to see you guys too, we need to work out a plan, maybe we could meet somewhere....