Saturday, August 23, 2008

Haciendo una sopa

Have any of ya'll ever noticed that at the end of August, or at least by labor day weekend the light outside changes? I am sure there is an explanation, but everything starts to look golden. Even if it is still hot as all hell during the day, there is a chilly breeze in the AM and PM.
Well, when this happens I get in a mood. It is not sad, not happy, not ill, to be named. I start to miss people, and things, and I sort get panicky about things.
This change in the air usually coincides with school starting, so the anxiety I have (and have always had since I was little) is about going back to school, and summer ending (I love summer), and it getting cold (even though it doesn't til November).
Today, I woke up this way, last Sunday I felt this way.
Andy took the kids to his mama's to swim. I went to the farmer's market to get veggies, and I decided, while I was there, that I would make a pot of soup! That instantly lifted my funk.
Here are the pics:

the pots:

veis, isabel, y david, la holla de sevilla, que me consiguio tu mama? :)
Ya hecha:

After the farmer's market, but before cooking the soup, I went to my mama's and I was telling all my troubles, and then that I was going to make a pot of soup, and that would fix my mood, and she just shook her head...
Is it genetic that we both cook stuff to feel better? Is it instinctual?
I called my sister while I was at my mama's and she said, "so, you are depressed about fall coming, and you are going to make soup?"
I guess she did not get that gene. :)

The soup is yummy! :)

Here are some pictures of Victor having his morning cup of coffee.
He loves to have some sips. This morning he wanted me to pour his little bit into a big-people mug. :)
Then he parked himself beside me and started sipping.

And finally,
Our tomatoes are getting ripe. They are not quite purple, they are some sort of dusty-red color, but they are quite yummy!


Bethany said...

Oooh... I know that feeling... full of indescribable angst. I didn't know other people got that too! But you found some soup therapy, so that's a good thing, having that gene :)

Melissa and Pete said...

Cool! I got your message. here is my email, I don't have yours and then I can send you my address!