Sunday, August 24, 2008


you know, i have always said, "i don't collect anything." I have always been sort of anti-collections.
for no particular reason-- well, maybe it's b/c my mama has collections of tons of stuff, and too much stuff, to me, is aggravating?? just maybe?..
hee hee
here are my windowsill collections.
One is mine, and the other is andy's.

I have the little wind-up toys and other teensy stuff that is on the sill.
When I was little while my mama washed my hair in the sink she always had some little cute things that I could hold. :)

The rocks, etc. are Andy's. he always has a little pile of rocks etc. that he picks up. one of them ended up on the windowsill in the kitchen when we moved.

They will probably live there for a long time.
When I am cooking Victor points to the wind-up toys, and I get them down for him to play with.

...I am off to play outside!
Have a good week! :)

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Bethany said...

I've been remembering your line "cute little things to hold" - isn't that the way? Hand a child a cute little thing, and its a new world for a moment! Sweet.