Thursday, August 28, 2008

Thank God it's THURSDAY

Work is kicking my a**!

I am so tired!

But Thursday is my favorite day. :) It always has been, ever since the C0$by show, and It's a Different W*rld came on after dance class when I was a little girl. :)

So, when Thursday gets here, I still just get excited.
Five day weeks are for the birds people!!!!
My children are turning into badly-behaved STRANGERS.
Probably not really, but I swear they are acting strange.
Yesterday I broke the employee dress code in two ways...and there I was thinking
I was just stylin'.

I am sooooo....tired!!!



Bethany said...

OMG, did you wear flip-flops? And spaghetti straps? :) heehee TGITh right back atcha...

Moore, Moore, Moore! said...

Ok, I gotta know how you broke the dress code not once, but twice.....
AND, wanted you to know that I just got a label maker and OMG, why have I not had one of these before, I am labeling anything and everything that I can get to stand still, I LOVE IT!!!!!
Happy Labor Day, enjoy your day off, and just think, only a 4 day week, maybe we can survive til next weekend :)

Susan said...


we have a no-denim rule, my capri pants that day were denim.
we also have a no sleeveless tops rule, and I had on a shirt with no sleeves!!
You can believe i stayed hunkered down in my office that whole afternoon, after I found out the rules. :)