Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Pictures to follow...

I am working on Andy's computer.
Elena went to her first day of play school today!
She was quite excited.
It is fun to get all the stuff they make.
Today she made me a kissing hand, from that book, "The kissing Hand"
I took a foto of her in front of her door.
It will get posted.

So sick of hearing about McCain's pick for veep...
Who the Hell cares about her kids' kids or what the he!! ever???
I guess it is b/c I already have my mind made up--kind of like when one of those people comes to your house to sell stuff...if you already know you do or don't want it, you just want to tell them either way (Andy does)flat out, so they will shut up and you can cook supper/sit on the sofa and relax etc. without this person in your house who won't shut up...political coverage is that person for me right now.
I am voting for Obama --I am not listening to another word of this cr@p--so put on some other stuff on the news please.
All the red at the Rep. convention is terrible too, yikes!, Red is disturbing--the reason I cannot shop at T@rget too btw.
But just a reminder...when Jamie Lynn was knocked up, no one had good things to say about her mama...
Remember that ya'll??
Now, I don't care about Jamie Lynn's uterus/offspring either...just pointing this out.

When you put yourself out there....ya gotta be ready, no?

I have two blog entries that I have been meaning to write, maybe this weekend when we are home, with no social obligations!
We had a blast last weekend at the beach with Shannon and Joel, but I missed the babies so badly that I almost wanted to just come home early.
The water was 77 degrees, and like a lake the first day!
We got to go out to eat and SIT IN THE RESTAURANT FOR TWO HOURS!! That was fun and relaxing and yummy, and not something we can do with our children.


Bethany said...

I've missed you this week! :) Yay for Elena, and play school - they are so proud of their little projects, huh. Yeah, way too much Palin, too much of the time... start the tv season premieres already!

Anonymous said...

I miss your blogs! Hope you are having a good week!!

A Beautiful Mess said...

To much Palin already...even with her support of "abstinence only" program (LOL) her daughter got knocked up. But truth be told it could happen to any girl doing the woopteedoo before she gets married. nuff said!

No way would McCrazy ever get my vote.

Not a huge fan of Obama ( love Hil) but I will happily vote for him in November!

Glad you got to eat like a grown up:)

Susan said...


I was a hillary fan too! :(