Thursday, September 4, 2008

las fotos

This is the picture of Elena and me on her first day!
She was excited.

This is a picture of the garden that is outside my door at school! This lady who is a retired teacher has taken it upon herself to plant gardens at our school, and care for them. It is gorgeous! The school is designed in pods with a center courtyard around which the pods are situated. So in these courtyards she has planted beautiful gardens.
Ms. Kingsolver would be proud. Some of them have vegetables. All of them attract butterflies, so we also have cocoons/chrysalises/chrysali --whatever--all around too.
So fun! The children at school love it.

I have almost completed three weeks at this new job! YAY!
Being home is fun so far....
Yesterday I heard a little bit of this on the radio
and I wanted to hear the rest, and I found it on NPR.
Now, the link up there does not want to work..
aver si puedo..
I think it is up here.
A good little interview to me b/c I like to hear tego calder@n speak Spanish...sounds to me like he could use some terapias! :)

Okay enough ramble..
off to drink some tea.


Bethany said...

That garden is awesome!!
I had no idea that was hiding on the inside courtyards - what a treat!

Anonymous said...

great pics!