Friday, September 5, 2008

a good movie

to watch, that I just finished watching...
Quincenyera--that is not spelled correctly b/c i cannot
put the squiggly above my /n/'s
this movie is a really good one!
movies are totally not my thing.
this one was on my piano for about 5 weeks, and
andy said for me to watch it ya or he was
sending it back, so I did.
GOOD, and entertaining.
most movies just are not entertaining to me,
so i cut them off, b/c life is too short to sit
still for two hours and watch something shitty.
but this one is good, trust me.

sandra, you and donna have to watch it!
oh, and sandra one day, will you go and get shannon
from her office and make her look at this blog?
she is not an internet girl, but i think she would enjoy this.
thanks! :)
miss ya'll!

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