Saturday, August 9, 2008

Kn*cked ^p

In the movie Kn*cked ^p, the husband of the sister says something like, marriage is like an episode of EVEry bod^ L*ve$ Raym*nd, only that show only lasts 20 minutes, and it is funny, and marriage lasts forever...
I am not sure if ya'll watch that show, but the source of my anger right now is very much like something that would happen in that show.
When Andy and I went out of town his mama stayed at our house to keep our children. While we were gone she decided to do laundry (there was none in the hamper). She went around and "organized and cleaned," then in order to put all of the stuff away, SHE WENT THROUGH ALL OF MY DRESSER DRAWERS AND RE-FOLDED ALL OF MY CLOTHES!!! I cannot believe anyone who is 6? years old would not know any better, I mean who goes to another adult's house and goes through their stuff????? WTF???
I am super mad.
I don't even want anyone to do my laundry--that is why the hamper was left empty.
I don't even like for other people to clean up my house!!!!

Andy will not say anything.
And as we all know, southerners are pretty non-confrontational about things, so I cannot just tell her, "look, when you come to my house---do not clean up, I don't want you to, b/c it pisses me off."--now i would say that to my own mama, in a heartbeat.

What to do???
PS--I think I really am exploding...i have a terrible pain in my ribs...


Bethany said...

Ack. Ick. That is all I can say about that invasion of privacy. Deep cleansing breaths needed - quickly!
Though I was intrigued to read you were referring to the movie, and not a personal situation with your title today! heehee

Susan said...

Tell me about it.
I do not want to be in that situation again....ever?
That is a great movie!
Ya'll should watch it.
Andy and I laughed until our faces hurt!

Anonymous said...

I would die!!! That is terrible!!