Saturday, August 9, 2008

yard work

This afternoon I took the children and went to the fish store and to the dump and to the grocery store.
When I got home Andy and his mom were in the yard doing yard work.
Andy informed me that he talked to his mom and told her that I don't want her to do our laundry or any more organizing in our house.
The next time we travel, I will leave some messages in my drawers, as reminders.
and on the washing machine. :)
I was inside cooking some yummy shrimp and making a tinto del verano when I heard the neighbor's child--who is very dramatic--screaming to the top of her lungs..
as the crew got closer to the back door I realized that Elena was screaming and so was Victor.
Tristen was stung.
Elena was stung--with a bee clinging onto her..
Victor was participating the way that 16 month olds do.
Andy was stung.
Nana was fine.

So, we got everyone to calm down.
Then Andy began to break out in hives. He took a ben@dry!, but he continued to swell up.
When his eyes began to swell shut and his upper lip was huge and as tight as a drum, we decided that Nana should take him to the hospital.
He apparently was allergic to the ground bees that swarmed when he was digging up an old bush--they were mad, and rightly so, their home has never been disturbed in such a manner.
So, I continued to cook supper, and when he got back from the hospital, he ate it.
It was one of his favorite meals :(.


Bethany said...

Good grief - some unwelcome Sunday afternoon bee drama! But you kept your cool & made those shrimpies :) Poor stung A & E...

A Beautiful Mess said...

Thank you Andy for talking to your mother!! YIKES

I giggled when I read the victor was fine just copying everyone else!