Sunday, August 10, 2008

Out on the town

Tonight we went to Greenville...the closest college town.

Can anyone hear the old-west, ghost town music playing?
We heard gangsta rap, b/c this foto was taken outside the wings bar. hee hee.
incidentally, the only thing open, that happened to have an excellent outside seating area, always nice when victor is in tow.
the waitress was super nice and gave us to go beers. yay!
yes i type in all lowercase, lazy + beer.
We went to hear
the Steep C@nyon R@ngers. Andy's friends'/roomates from college band.
We met up with cousins:

The kids had a great time dancing..ojala que pudiera poner un video aqui! but i don't want to use &t&be.

This is what Victor made for me at the restaurant:

We came home with two happy/tired children, one of whom screamed the entire way home, (bethany, it apparently does not stop). :)

Now, let's see if this post gets up here the way i have intended....
ay que masterpiece!

good night ya'll.

1 comment:

Bethany said...

Susan, I feel sure there is a special place reserved in the hereafter for parents of car-screaming kids. Gotta be. :)