Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Pale pink

Several years ago my friend Sara told me (after I obsessed about them) that if I found a glider she would bring her husband's truck to pick it up.
I found one at the raleigh flea market.
It was --pretty rough looking.
Andy and I painted it, sort of. It was forest green, even though I SAID I WANTED IT TO BE PINK FROM THE BEGINNING!!
Well, the green paint all peeled off anyway, the glider itself wanted to be pink, i think.
When we moved all of our stuff to this house Andy's uncle was pretty critical of my "junky glider" he basically hated it!, and you might think who the h*ll cares what his uncle thinks? ..his uncle is a co-landlord :) (cheeky smile).
So, in order to solve this problem of my "junky glider" my mama suggested that my daddy's buddy paint it! :)
I got out my pale pink paint sample, and off the glider went, to the shop, where it was carefully stripped and re-painted.
the color of paint was matched from a favorite beach cottage of mine, it is almost not even pink, reminds me of salt-water taffy.

I am absolutely thrilled about my glider now! ...I wonder what Uncle Fred is gonna think???
Do I care?--ya'll know the answer to that one. :)


Anonymous said...


Moore, Moore, Moore! said...

Susan, It tooks BEAUTIFUL, although I liked it when it was green too! I am DYING for a glider just like it! I miss sitting in that glider in your backyard and drinking some cold drinks!!! Enjoy your last few days of freedom :)

Bethany said...

=) Awesome. Tell Uncle Fred that the phrase is "shabby chic!" :):)