Thursday, August 14, 2008

a bone to pick

I have been cleaning my house this morning.
It is so enjoyable to me to clean! While i have cleaned i have found things in closets that need to be hung on the walls. fun. When we move into a new place I don't immediately hang all the stuff up. It goes in waves. i do a little. then i find another stash of stuff i love to look at, and get excited, and hang it up.
While I was cleaning I was venting to myself.
We have a LOT of right-wing radio here. gag.
sometimes i just take a listen, just to hear what the dumba$$es are up to that day.
the other day lar@ ingr@ham was talking about immigration. Of course she was blaming all the crime in TExas on illegal immigrants...of course.

When I hear these types of arguments i want to choke the people making them.
have some compassion people!
The biggest thing LI has to worry about is how to dye her hair blond enough that she will still look 23 when she is 50!

What if she were illiterate, living in a house with a dirt floor, a husband who has no work, and about four children running around??? (she probably would not have four b/c she probably would have opted for an illegal abortion, which i am sure she is against), her kids were hungry all day, the two smallest ones had dirty rag diapers that she had to hike her dumb ass to a stream to wash, and then one baby is sick all the time and then she gets pregnant again!

hmmmm would she hire an attorney at the local down town to draw up some legal paperwork so that she and her sweet little family could move to the good ole u.s.?
i doubt it, b/c she would not have the money to BUY ANY FU**ING FOOD!!
would she fill it out herself, no, b/c she would not be able to FU**ING READ IT!!

she would probably wake up one morning and decide that she was going to cross the border illegally with her children and her husband, so that they would be able to EAT!--and probably move to a trailer from 1954 with some plywood floor with holes in it that is cold as ice in the winter time.

have some compassion!

These same people that go on and on about immigration etc. probably sit in church every sunday and talk about jesus loving everyone, turn the other cheek, love thy neighbor as thyself...bigots! hypocrites!

I do agree that there should be immigration laws etc. of fu**ing course i do, but am i an immigration agent? no. am i a legislator? no. do i want to be an evil bitch and treat people unkindly and rant and rave constantly about how terrible they are and all the problems they cause, when in all actually if i were in their shoes i would do the EXACT SAME THING THEY DID? NO!

okay, enough venting....i am off to hang some more pictures! :)


Bethany said...

Yeah, there are so many levels to this. Crime? Around here lately, it is the immigrants that are target victims because they always carry cash. Anti-immigration folks usually strike me as hypocritical - because I guess somewhere in the last 200 years, a lot of Americans forgot they didn't come from here originally either! And if you have never experienced deprivation, how can you sympathize with someone risking it all to save their family? Compassion, folks! And plenty! (I thought you weren't going to get political... haha - but I love it! It's too hard to be neutral!)

Susan said...

i am going to keep my political commentary to a minimum, this topic just stays on the brain!
i just left my mama's where is was reading that one of our county commisioners--on a witch hunt to find "illegals" among the paying students at the community college--asked "why is the class called English as a SECOND language, not English as a primary language?"
that just ruined my afternoon!
what a f**ing idiot!