Friday, August 15, 2008

a Train

The past two times I have left my house to go west--the triangle, burlington etc. I have thought, the whole time I am driving, "how cool would it be if there were a train that could be taking me on this trip across the state!?"
I would take a bus to greenville, or drive there, then hop on the train, and then get off in Burlington, or get off in Asheville, or Greensboro, or Raleigh, or wherever! I could hop on, with Elena (in the case of the trip to the baptism) we could read books, relax...and arrive at the station in Burlington where Shannon or Sandra could pick us up. There would be one less car on the road, no stress attack from me about having to drive, and less fatigue from having to drive.
Then when Andy and I talked about our trip to Asheville we said the same thing. It would just be more fun to go on a train to Asheville.
Maybe the federal gov't should pull an FDR and set up some train routes. Andy said there is already a ton of existing rail line.
Set it up like the highway system was set up in the 50's. Have every state connect or build all the rails b/t major towns and cities, then have hubs in all the cardinal areas of a state ie NWSE that would serve to transport people b/t states...
throw in a couple speed trains and i could be in durham in an hour! cool would this be?
No driving, just riding. looking out the window, having a drink....
This would also create jobs for all these people who would have to work on these projects...
Andy already did one project for a high speed rail that would go all over the triangle...I am not sure if this actual train will ever run, but the state sure did pay to have all the land surveyed.

...and I said I was not going to get political...hee hee.

this is my last week day of freedom!!! back to the rat race on Monday,
Ay que stress!

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