Saturday, August 16, 2008

Beach Day

Andy and I are soooooo tired!
This morning we decided to go to the beach for the day.
This is something we have not done all summer, and when we got there we thought, "hello? why not?"
We got there about 11 and spent three good hours playing in the wonderfully refreshing ocean, and in the sand (Victor got a full body exfoliation treatment.)
Here are the pictures.
It was a bit overcast, but that was great.
The water was perfect, slightly warm, calm (even the babies got in past the waves and got to swim some.)
Tomorrow is my last day of summer freedom! I am going to clean up and get my house nice and organized before I leave it and go off to the rat race.
:(, :(, :(....

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Bethany said...

:) Sweet! Good way to end your sumer 'o' freedom! Oooh, I've been longing for the beach, and a foot exfoliation... maybe next year...