Sunday, August 17, 2008

Garden update

The pepper plants:
They came from the Carrboro Farmer's market.
They are called Chocolate Bell Peppers. I am not sure why. When they are ripe they are green, and they taste like a regular bell pepper.
We have gotten several off the plant already.

The Basil plants are happy too. They are very bushy. These pictures are of the grasshopper that lives on the basil plant. He is very happy there, and he is beautiful to look at! I was trying to take a picture of him, but he was trying to hide. The other one is a butterfly that landed there, and he/she/it had a torn wing! It was still able to fly though

And finally, the tomato plants. We bought these as little guys at the Saxapahaw Farmer's market from a farmer there.
We planted them on May 10th. They are over five feet tall. For the longest time, they were growing but not making any fruit. Then, they started to make tomatoes, now we have just been waiting for them to turn purple/brown, which is the color they should be when they are ripe. So far we have gotten two tomatoes off! Now the leaves are turning funky, which means some kind of plant mold which likes to kill tomato plants might have gotten them.
These plants are huge!!

The funnest part of the garden has been watching my kids playing in/around it. Elena just loves looking for bugs, and the garden is the place to find one.
Victor thinks all the plants are ball plants. If he picks a pepper, it is a ball to kick, if he picks a tomato, it's a ball, of course. :)

Off to work tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

I did not realize you are Morgan's friend who had Snoopy in her nursery! I am wanting to use the Baby Snoopy line when the time comes!! Didn't you do some cool sewing prints or something? I LOVE the Peanuts!!
I would love to see pics!

Bethany said...

Love that you have a resident grasshopper! Your garden is growing so nicely - hope that tomato funk isn't deadly... I want to see them mature to stripey purple :)
Hope your first day at Eastern was good!