Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Two days down.... :)

I have done two days! yay!
So far, so good at the new job.
Yesterday we had a pep talk with everyone in the whole school system, staff, packed into the auditorium at the high school I went to!
I had not stepped foot in there since high school!
Then we had a meeting at my actual school with the principal. I had to do the whole stand in front of everyone and introduce myself. --along with all the other new folks
That was fine.
When I said, "I am Susan Hi!!, when I went to this school, I was Susan Pilgr**n." My art teacher from when I was a kid (who is still there) got a bright look on her face (the light bulb). She remembered me!!! I thought that was so cool!
Of course I wondered if she remembered the fact that when I was in Kindergarten I could not cut paper with a single pair of scissors that anyone at school had. My aunt had to buy me some special ones, that I had to take to art class with me. I am still not sure if I am right-handed or left-handed and they had a hard time too. I can still remember crying b/c I could not cut out that d@mn santa beard!!
Morgan, you would be so proud! My goal this year is organization. I have my own room, so I actually have a chance to succeed with this goal..
I took these fotos JUST FOR YOU, and SHANNON! :)

Morgan, does seeing those labels make you proud?
:) I bought a label maker...it is fun!

Now, the title of this post is not meant to express that I am wishing away 178 days, b/c I have to go to a job. I would not have a job which forced me to count down days.
That is not to say that on some days I don't count them down...Just most of the time I do not.
The title was simply a celebration of two days completed :)
Andy started his classes tonight.
Get this, a guy in his class is a forestry person (works in Andy's same line of work), and is going back to school to be an RN--Just like him. ;)


Anonymous said...

I was terrible at art, ask Morgan. She had to "take over" my projects because I was so uncordinated! She also had to close my lunchbox for me in Kindergarten!

I hate you guys are back at school but so excited ya'll are still blogging good :)!!

Bethany said...

Yahoo on completing 2 days! I know it was hard to leave your little ones... Reading about you introducing yourself reminded of something my grand-dad used to say. When he knew that I was friends w/ you & Lara, he always made sure to tell me each week that he had seen your Dad. He'd say "Saw Officer PHILgreen today..." :)We don't know why.:)

Hope the rest of your week is just l-o-v-e-l-y-

Moore, Moore, Moore! said...

I LOVE your labels and am a little jealous of them, I must confess! I need a label maker and can't believe I don't own one already!!!!! Glad you are off to a good start at your new school!!
BTW....to change the look of your blog, go to Edit Layout and then Choose New Template..there are a bunch to choose from.