Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Last Friday before we left school, the day of the hurricane, I went out to the car to get the bug box and I put some caterpillars in it. I have been watching them make cocoons all over the place. All the teachers have the little net houses in their rooms and the butterflies are successfully producing themselves.
So I put four of them in the bug box.

On Saturday one of them began to do its thing. We watched. It hung upside down, and sticky stuff was coming out of its caudal end..the @$$. Then it was stuck on the netting. Ater several hours of being very still it started to turn green. Within a couple hours of starting, it finished, complete with glistening gold dots!
So, then there were three left.
Another guy decided to do its thing. It went to the top, hung upside down, and this other one kept bothering it...going over there, crawling on it etc.
Well, when I got home from PTA last night Andy said, "Don't worry about the caterpillar that was cocooning (new verb?), it has already finished."
So he left to go to the mini mart, I put Elena in the bed and went to pee, when I walked back into the kitchen that little bastard, mean guy caterpillar was EATING THE F***ING COCOON of the other one!!!!
I could not believe it. I was mad at him!
**Disclaimer: I know that I am ascribing human emotional characteristics onto worms..but I have gotten really attached to this process. I do not describe this in this way to my children. :)
Here is the picture:

So, he got the boot. I went outside and dumped him out. The cocoon is still dripping I think...yuck!
**Now I am remembering why my mama never let me do stuff like this...of course the teachers at school do it, and theirs would never eat one another...hmmm...

**there was not enough room.
**the mean one wanted that spot in the first place and he held a grudge.
**there was not enough food--which i doubt b/c i put tons of fresh leaves in every day.
**that was his friend and he was just wondering what happened to it (andy's idea) :)

Kids' reactions:
Victor, "uh-oh"
Elena, "oh, poor baby (she kissed the bug house). it will be alright."

I was just really disgusted. I never would have guessed that a caterpillar would do that to another one...

Now, here is a picture of the cutest gum I have ever seen. It was included in the party favor bag from the B-day party.

Unfortunately I watched the news tonight.
It seems, according to @bc news, that white women everywhere are falling for the palinator...OMG ya'll!!! Wth???
It just has to be closet racism...that is the only explanation I can think of...
so sad people...

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Bethany said...

Susan - that caterpillar tale is wacky! Very riveting - I haven't watched one do its thing in a long time, and am wondering about that cannibalistic deal. I like the "why" hypotheses - and think Andy wins :) "What happened to my friend? Oh! Did he leave this delicious green cocoony snack for me? Let me taste it...Ackkk,I'm falling..." :)