Thursday, September 11, 2008

Who would you like to have your children to hockey practice?!!!


Remember during the last election, when people said they would like to have a beer with good ole G.W.?

So is the criteria now, who we would like to have be a kid hauler? (I don't want someone who is on two blackberries, I can tell you that)

Kid haulers are wonderful, ...but since when did, "I drive my kids to hockey" render one qualified to be the PRESIDENT?

Now based on our current might be saying to yourself, well this is an improvement...(We know with a little nepotism and a lot of money any old bleep bleep can become one).
But why not let's go all the way and actually elect an INTELLECTUAL HUMANITARIAN who is somewhat presidentially qualified-ish (thanks GW, we might not have freedom of speech, but we have poetic license as evidenced in your speeches! ;) ).

Being political is so....frustrating, pointless, touchy..
May I never want to make a post like this again! :)
besos y goodnight ;)

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Bethany said...

Please, let's all get political!! If we do, something might change & then we can get happy! :) Give me an opinionated thinker as opposed to a sheep anyday... Hey, the Opponents wear those "Nobama" buttons - just take out the "m" = Nobaa.... ;-)